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Create a free breeder website with Power Breeder. Power Breeder is an animal breeder website management system made specifically for the needs of show or working animal breeders. You will have everything you need to create a fully functional breeder website to showcase your animals and breeding program.

The PowerBreeder website design application was written after we saw that breeders have very unique needs when it comes to their websites. There were no website content management systems available that could assemble pedigrees, create animal profiles, manage breeding announcements, or cater to the many other specific needs of animal breeders. We have changed that with PowerBreeder — the do-it-yourself website builder for animal breeders.

About The Breeder’s Website Solution

Hi, I’m Brandon Hoover. One of my first paid website jobs was for a Rottweiler Breeder in 2003. Website content management systems were still in their infancy, so each page of the breeder’s website was painstakingly hand coded. If he needed a website change made, he would email it to me and I would update the site.

Updates quickly became unruly. For instance, his sire would win a new show title; not only would the sire’s web page need to be updated, but all the other website pages and pedigrees that referenced this sire. I quickly lost control of the site and I dreaded receiving update requests.

Once WordPress gained popularity a few years later, I gave that a try. The original breeder site problems remained. A system for creating pedigrees, breeding announcements, and one-stop animal profile updates did not exist.

Creating pedigrees, with the same animals on it, over and over — from multiple generations — is likely the reason there are full-time anger therapists.

Fast forward a few years to 2009. I had quit my job as a systems administrator to develop websites full-time. Due to word of mouth referrals, many of my clients are now dog breeders. I still dreaded updating their websites.

Enough was enough. In my spare time, I programmed a rough, basic content management system for managing animal profiles and pedigrees. It was ugly, but it worked. The breeders were now able to perform their own day-to-day website updates. I was able to put extra focus on my bread-and-butter client projects — things like programming custom business reporting and tracking applications. It was as boring as it sounds. I actually started to miss creating breeding announcements and uploading pictures of puppies. I didn’t miss the pedigrees though.

Fast forward another few years. Website content management systems were are all over and most sites were running on one system or another.

Just about every business sector had some sort of CMS tailored specifically for their business — photographers, real estate agents, car dealers, and artists all had a website management solution to call their own. But breeders were still out in the cold.

As a programmer who had professionally focused on making custom business applications and knew the problems that breeders faced, I was in a good position to solve this problem for good with a professional solution. So I quit my job again and poured everything I had into creating a website content management system tailored to the very specific needs of animal breeders.

PowerBreeder is the website content management system for breeders. The focus has been on ease of use, affordability, and not having to update a title or pedigree more than once.Brandon - The Animal Breeder Website Developer

I think you will love PowerBreeder. For as little as zero dollars a month, with the added benefit of not paying for costly anger therapy, you can have the perfect breeder website.

Give it a try. I hope it works for you. If not, let me know why and I’ll try to help out.

– Brandon Hoover
PB Developer

Will it really work for me?

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