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Form BuilderPower Breeder includes a powerful form building application. You can use this form builder to create any type of form for your site visitors to fill out. Power Breeder includes a Client Questionnaire and a Contact Us form. These premade forms can be customized however you like. Click the Form button on the admin menu to get started.

To create a new form, click the “Add Form” button. Enter a name for the form then click Add Form. The form will be added to the forms container. Click the form name that you just created to open the form builder.

Once you open your form, you will see the Add new field dropdown box for adding new fields to your form. Here are your feild options:

    • Text Field: The most common form field, this is just a single line of text.
    • Paragraph: A Multi-line text box for longer text submissions.
    • Checkboxes: for making multiple selections from a list.
    • Radio:

for making a single selection from a list (similar to old 8-track radio buttons, select one button and the other becomes unselected)

    • Select List:

a dropdown list for making single or multiple selections. Dropdown lists are not as user-friedly as checkboxes and radio buttons, so we recommend using those instead.

Most forms request the submitter’s name and email address. So we can start with that. Select Text Field from the drop down. This will add the form field to the page. Here you can assign a label to the field. Enter “Name” as the label and check the required box. The required box makes filling out the field mandatory.

Now create a new text field, only this time label it “Email”.

For our final field in this exercise, we’ll add a comments box. Select the Paragraph box from the Add new field box. Label it “Comments” and make this one manditory.

Click Save. Your form has been created. The shortcode to display the form on a page is shown below the save button. If you decide to remove a field from your form, just click the “Remove” link.

Go back to the main Forms page. Click the edit button next to your new form. This will open an options panel where you can select if you want to be notified by email when someone submits the form. In general, it’s best to leave this on or you may not notice that a form has been submitted.

Most forms ask for the submitter’s name and email address. Label the “email” field “Email”, “E-mail”, “Email Address” or “E-mail Address” and label the “name” field “Name”, “Your Name”, or “Full Name”. Labels are not case sensitive and colons are safe to use (if desired). Doing so will help Power Breeder find the name and email address when a form is submitted. It then logs them in the database to make browsing and retrieving forms by name and email address possible.

Do not make a field required if there is a possibility that it might not apply to someone filling out the form. Name and Email should always be required fields.

Form Submissions

Form SubmissionWhenever a guest submits a form on your site, it will be emailed to you (as long as you don’t turn email notifications off) and it will also be saved on the Form Submissions page. You can open a form that someone submitted to view it, print it, email them back, save them as a client, add internal notes about the submission, or make corrections to the name or email address if there was a typo.

Adding a submitter as a Client in your database is a useful feature. Client management will be covered in the next chapter.

Forms can be deleted from the Submissions page, if needed. We recommend that you keep old submissions though, because you never know when you might need to go back and review them.

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