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Documents (File Uploads)

Documents (File Uploads)

Document ListIf you have documents that you need to upload to the site, click the Documents button on the admin menu. Here you can actually upload any type of file (txt, doc, pdf, images, etc) and Power Breeder will create the download link shortcode that you can insert into any page on your site.

Once you upload your file, click its name in the document list. This will open the shortcode generator. The shortcode for document downloads includes a “name” attribute in the shortcode. This name attribute controls the text used for the download link. By default, the name is “Document Download”. You can change this text to something more relevant to the document you are working with. Don’t change the “file” attribute though, this would break the download link.

Document Shortcode

Most breeders include a downloadable version of their contract on the website, this is where you would upload it.

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