Power Breeder Release Notes: Version 1 Build 2


What’s new in this release (version 1 build 2).

Create and Download Site Backups 10/6/11

From the menu, select Advanced » Backup. A site backup will start being created. It might take it a few minutes to complete depending on how large your site is. Once it is done, click the link to download your site backup. If a meteorite hit our sever, or if you were to delete your article that took an entire day to write, we can use this backup to restore it to your site. Download site backups often and keep them in a safe place on your computer. Data loss happens. Be prepared.

Automatic Updating 10/6/11

You are running the most recent version and build of Power Breeder. How do we know? Because Power Breeder now automatically updates itself. If you ever login and get sent directly to the update page, don’t worry. There was a new release of Power Breeder that’s being installed. The only time you would ever need to manually click the Advanced » Update menu button on the menu is if there was a problem with the automatic update and we asked you to click it. Otherwise, you never need to worry about running a manual update.


Version 1 Build 2 10/6/11

Added Auto Update Capability – The newest version will automatically be installed.
Added manual update option.
Added backup script for backing up site and downloading the site backup file.

Version 1 Build 1 10/6/11

Initial Public Release. We felt the world was ready for the ultimate dog breeder website.

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